Selecting a suitable daycare for your child can be daunting and stressful. This is understandable, since this is the place where you will be sending your child every day for care and nurturing. That said there are a lot of factors to mull over.

Here are five things to factor in when picking a daycare in Victoria BC for your little one:

1 – A trustworthy reputation

A quality day care with good reputation must come with a friendly environment, be very welcoming and be renowned for nurturing children with love and care just like a family. You can contact the centre’s current clients and ask for some references or questions. This will help you learn more about the day care you’re planning to send your child to.

2 – Outstanding curriculum and learning programs

Your little one may be too young for school, but it is best to start age-suitable learning programs to help them develop their skills and talents. You can inquire about the centre’s curriculum, such as what do they teach children, what are their objectives and how do they tailor these learning programs to the children’s age as well as stages of development.

3 – Safe and clean facilities

The centre should come with adequate space for children to freely and conveniently roam around and it must also strictly follow basic rules of safety. Aside from these, the building must be sufficiently lit, heated and ventilated. Of course, the staff also needs to adhere to sanitation and cleaning practices at all times.

4 – A license to operate

It is crucial to check if centre comes with credentials and a license. From there, you can double check by contacting your local services department. It is highly advised to search for a facility that has successfully satisfied the strict accreditation process that is required by your area.

5 – Healthy food served to children

It is essential to check the types of foods that the centre is providing. What is the quality of the snacks and meals? Do these coordinate with your concept of healthy foods? Do they have some alternatives for food allergies or sensitivities? Ensure that the snacks and meals comprise of a variety of foods that strictly meet your child’s daily nutritional requirements.

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