Are you certain that you have found the most appropriate day care centre for your little one? Over and above, it is pivotal to learn what to search for in a high quality day care in Victoria BC and also the warning signs that may clearly reveal potential issues later on. It is just right to ensure you are providing your child with the best possible care while you’re at work.

Here are 8 evident signs of a bad day care that you need to stay away from:

1 – Reject a day care centre that disrespects or ignores your concerns

Any requests or concerns you have about your little one’s care must be completely addressed directly with the manager and the staff.

2 – The facility is not licensed

Note that a licensed day care can provide you the assurance that it is a safe, nurturing and reputable institution that you can count on.

3 – Low Standards for cleanliness and safety

The environment should be clean and safe enough for kids to roam around and spend time with when they’re away from home. Proper sanitation must be practiced by the staff, caregivers and teachers. The facilities and building should be safe for everyone.

4 – Undocumented or obscure policies

It is essential that you go over the day care centre’s policies in written form. This must cover the goal of the program, the methods used regarding your child’s discipline, the costs and other rules and regulations.

5 – Lack of communication.

Parents, teachers, caregivers and staff must have regular meetings or an open line of communication to discuss the child’s behaviour, progress and other concerns.

6 – Under qualified staff, caregivers and teachers.

Of course you should want to know more about the background of the people whom you entrust your little one with.

7 – The day care centre has received a number of complaints from clients and parents.

Indeed, it is not wise to work with people who can’t perform their job well.

8 – Lack of a clear curriculum.

Kids require an age-suitable curriculum which consists of stimulating and many other learning activities.

These are signs of a bad day care and what to avoid. Read our post on 5 things to look for when choosing a good Victoria day care.