Nowadays, a lot of parents are having a hard time deciding whether to send their little one to a child day care centre or just to stay home and look after their child. Truly, there are lots of things to factor in when it comes to deciding which situation will be best for everyone. Many Victoria families may believe that kids develop in a more mature and social way in a day care environment, while others think that day care at home is required for proper nurturing.

Exploring more about child care centres and day care at home:

Essentially, finances are usually the primary consideration when it comes to judging whether to stay home or send your little one to a child day care centre. At times, some parents do not have the means to send their child to a child care institution, so they decide to have a relative look after their toddler.

Aside from this, parents also decline sending their child to a good day care if the location is too remote. Of course, there are emotional factors to consider in this situation as there are some kids who find it difficult to adjust to day care situations, while there are others who are already prepared for it.

Meanwhile, a day care home allows outstanding parent-child bonding, the child feels confident and happy in his or her environment and he or she feels secured. Child care centres provide a kind of environment that allows children to enhance their intellectual and social skills and also develop other talents in nature, art and games. Sending your little one to a facility also helps him or her become more independent.

The downsides of child care centres are that kids are more susceptible to catching the flu, colds and other illnesses due to mingling with others. They also need to spend some time away from home, which can be exhausting and upsetting for them. When it comes to a Victoria BC day care home, one parent often needs to sacrifice their career to look after the little one, which can also affect the family’s monthly income.

Each child and family is different, so consider your options and use this post to make the best choice for your family.