The ideal age to start day care is just after your little one’s first birthday, as it is at this phase that a child is beginning to develop his or her social, language and motor skills. In addition, the stimulating activities and the steady flow of new people in a child care centre can definitely feed a child’s need to explore and master new skills.

How to know if your little one is ready for day care?

Keep in mind that harmonious relationships and premium quality care from caregivers absolutely makes a remarkable difference. In fact, according to some research, when kids are cared for at home from their first birthday up to two years and experience a superior quality care situation, these kids do much better in child care centres.

More than that, there is also evidence that children who have better relationships with mentors do not have the irksome changes that a lot of children in full time child care show.

It is very normal that your child may be upset on the first day at a new day care centre. In order to prepare him or her for what he or she will experience in child care facility, it is essential to go over the schedule. Ensure that you are as detailed as possible and explain all the activities clearly to your child, repeatedly if necessary.

In truth, it is hard to tell when your child is fully ready for child care, so with that it is critical to give your family a few days to get accustomed to any adjustments to your routine. Everyone in the family should be very supportive towards your child’s new transition in life.

It is worth mentioning that parents must trust the people who look after their child. Your child will be confident once he or she sees that you trust and get along well with their caregiver and other staff in the Victoria child care facility. This way, your child will get used to the situation more easily and have a great time at day care.