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Some parents have the ability to stay at home or leave their children with relatives, whereas others have full time careers. If you work full or part time, a Colwood day care is a great option for your little one. This is a valuable developmental time in your child’s life, so you want to make the most of it. Studies show that children who were enrolled in a good day care as a child often have more success later in life. This isn’t surprising considering children are taught social skills, daily life skills, gross and fine motor skills, as well as basic education. Colwood is a very education-friendly neighbourhood with six elementary schools, a middle and high school, as well as a college. Preschool can really help your child get an edge on education before attending regular school.

Since there are so many day care options available, you’ll need to narrow down your list. First, look for convenience and safety. It should be close to your home or work place so there is not too much time spent picking up and dropping off.

In terms of safety, look for a gate where un-authorized people cannot enter, and secure classroom doors. After determining the general safety, you may consider checking the centre’s website and arranging a tour. This is a good way to get a thorough look and see for yourself if it is a place that you want your child to be in. During the tour, ask many specific questions. The staff should feel comfortable answering them and be well informed. Some questions to include would be: what is the student-teacher ratio? What curriculum are they using? Do they have certified teachers? What is the age range accepted?

Look to see that the staff and children are happy. This is important since your child’s ability to learn is influenced by how comfortable they feel emotionally. Many classrooms are warm and inviting with age-appropriate materials and seating arrangements. These materials should also be sufficiently challenging for your child to learn and see where they might be gifted. Children’s interests can show at an early age, so an engaged teacher will help you to identify these talents.

The day care centre should be teaching basic education such as reading, spelling, mathematics, art, music, and life skills.  Some may have class gardens and take little walking field trips which can be lovely in Colwood, especially in the springtime. You can find more information about our Colwood Day Care below.

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