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While many parents have a full time babysitter for the hours they are working, there are several reasons you should consider putting your child into a Cedar Hill day care instead.

Firstly, they can gain valuable peer-to-peer social skills. We as people spend our entire lives in groups, so this can be a good first experience for your child. Secondly, day care centres provide structure, another thing that people need in order to have successful lives. Children like structure, seeing the same people every day, learning, and playing, as these are all necessary elements to growing up.

Many children really enjoy going to pre-school, even if it is only for a few hours, because it is fun for them. Some day cares will take little walking field trips which can be lovely in the Cedar Hill neighbourhood since it has historic interest as well as a gentle hilly landscape.

Since Cedar Hill has such a lush natural environment, some pre-schools and day care centres will have little gardens to teach children where food comes from and teach them to be responsible through taking care of the earth. Gardening, home life skills, art, music, and beginner education such as spelling and mathematics are things to look for in a good pre-school curriculum.

One of the major reasons parents enroll their child in a day care program is to prepare them for future academic and social success. Many studies show that children who were in pre-school growing up tend to be more successful later in life as they are very impressionable at this age. When considering a pre-school, you’ll want to know what curriculum and teaching style the centre uses as this can make or break a day care experience. Curriculum and structure sets apart babysitting from day care, so it should be top quality. You’ll also need to consider whether to do a full or half day program.

You can take a tour of the facilities to get a good feel for what they’re really like. When touring, it is a good time to see that there are safe indoor and outdoor play areas as well as age-appropriate yet sufficiently challenging books and toys. Many classes will have a posted schedule that shows the general time structure such as outdoor time, free play time, reading time, circle time, etc. The Cedar Hill neighbourhood has some great day care facilities. Contact them below for more information on possible wait times and pricing.

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