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There are many reasons parents enrol their children in a Langford day care centre. Maybe you work full or part time away from home, or just need some time to work at home by yourself. Perhaps you are just looking to give your child a head start on education. Regardless of the reason, day cares can be a really great resource for parents. Children who are in day care before beginning regular school usually adjust more smoothly to school and are overall more successful in life. Pre-school can be a fantastic learning experience for your developing child. Some day care programs will grow gardens or take little field trips, perhaps to a local park in Langford. Having good physical activities is an example of how day cares should care for the physical needs of the child.

Physical activity is one of the major ways children learn at this time of life since they are developing their fine and gross motor skills. You’ll want a facility that has a safe and secure outdoor play area, preferably covered. There may be toys like tricycles or balls, and they should be age-appropriate so that your child is safe yet still having fun.

You can learn quite a bit about a specific day care by visiting their website or taking a tour. Child care centres are typically obliging to give tours to inquiring parents and you can ask questions at this time. One of the things you’ll want to note is not only a safe outdoor play area, but also an age-appropriate indoor area. Are there lots of books they can read? Is there evidence of multi-cultural curriculum? These are things to consider. Also ask for a sample schedule. A sample schedule should include outdoor free play time as well as indoor activity time such as art, music, mathematics, and language skills. There may also be a circle/reading time, nap time, and lunch or snack time depending on the length of the program, full or half day.

Be sure to also know what the requirements are for your child to be accepted, such as age and health records. This can be a great experience for your child to help prepare them for success, but you want them to be healthy and happy. Observe if the staff and other children are happy as well. You can find more information about our Langford Day Care below.

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