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Many parents work full or part time and don’t have family members living in the same neighbourhood. If you are looking for a great opportunity for your pre-schooler, our Sidney day care could be a great option. Studies show that children who were enrolled in a good pre-school/day care centre have higher chances of academic success when entering school. As you know, children are very impressionable at early ages so this is a good time for them to learn basic social and academic skills taught in pre-school programs.

Because of the importance of choosing a quality child care, it is important to know that the day care centre you choose is a credible facility.  Since Sidney & North Saanich has such rich coastal soils, some preschools will have a little garden to teach the children gardening skills, while allowing them to enjoy some of the fruits of their labour. It’s not just fun, it teaches children responsibility and ways of treating the Earth kindly.

When looking for a day care, safety is one of the key things to keep in mind. You’ll want to know several things such is if the facility is safe and secure so that no one can just walk in. Also check that the staff have all had background checks and references, that the food is handled safely, and how they accommodate any allergies. Lastly, check that there is a safe outdoor play space, and that the toys are age-appropriate and the children cannot easily hurt themselves.

You can easily determine safety by taking a tour of the centre. When taking a tour, you may also ask about the curriculum and overall structure. Since some day cares can be pricey, you should feel secure that your child is learning valuable lessons, not just being babysat. There may be posted daily schedules where you can see a sample of what the students are learning. Depending on if it is a full or half day pre-school, they may have a nap time, which is necessary for growing children.

You can request an information packet or email to review so that you don’t feel pressured to make a commitment. This will also help you compare facilities to each other, and leaves your options open. Most importantly, you want your child to be safe, happy, and learning. Children learn best in places where they feel comfortable. Ask if you can bring your child with you so that instead of feeling scared, they see that this could be a fun experience.

For more information on our child care centre in Sidney & North Saanich, contact us below.

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