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Some parents struggle with the decision to enrol their child in a View Royal day care and feel like they may not get the attention needed, but it doesn’t have to be worrisome. Many children enjoy their time in day care and pre-school, and they can learn valuable skills that prepare them for life. Day care facilities teach a variety of things from brushing teeth and tying shoes to art, music, and languages. This is a good time for your child to be with other children as they are developing important social skills they’ll need for adulthood. If you live in View Royal and have children who attend View Royal Elementary School, it is good for the younger ones to prepare to go to school like their siblings.

Since children are are complex individuals with emotional and physical needs, you’ll want to look for a holistic teaching approach that understands this. The first thing to consider when investigating day cares is that the centre is safe and convenient. Check that the facility is secure so that access by strangers is not permitted, that there is a safe outdoor play area with age-appropriate equipment and toys, and a good indoor play area.

Physical safety would also include the teacher-to-student ratio of the class. You will probably want a centre that is close to home, work, or your other children’s school if applicable. The best way to get information about a place is to start at their website, or call to schedule a tour. Many centres are happy to do tours so that parents can learn more and ask specific questions.

When touring, you’ll want to look not only for safety, but also interest and structure. You can ask for a sample schedule to see what a typical day looks like. Children enjoy structure, and this helps prepare them for success as life revolves around structure. A schedule may include activities like: outdoor play, indoor free play, activity time like painting or music, circle time, story time, and time for specific subjects like spelling, reading, or mathematics. Depending on whether you do a full or half day, there may also be lunch and nap time included in a schedule. Good day cares will be working with a curriculum that has fun, activity based learning. You can learn more about our day care in View Royal below.

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