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There are many reasons someone would be interested in Esquimalt day care for their child. Most parents are caring, and want to see their child succeed in life. Day cares can be a wonderful means of preparing your child for success. Many day care centres will teach social and etiquette skills, simple academic and art skills as well as other things that children learn by just being in a learning environment. As a parent, these skills are important to look for when selecting a day care.

Young children can also learn a lot through time spent venturing outdoors on field trips. Many good day care facilities such as the ones in Esquimalt will take the class on a little walk or educational field trip, which is nice since the area has some interesting Native American history as well as beautiful scenic river walking paths.

Holistic learning, which understands that you’re not just teaching the head, but treating the child as a whole person with physical needs and interests, is the best kind. An example of how day cares may have a holistic learning approach would be to allow structured and unstructured time, provide indoor and outdoor time, and encourage physical activity in a safe environment. Many preschools also teach life skills such as using utensils and cleaning up their space, which are things to look for as well. This is a great time for your children to experience group learning in a safe way before starting primary school.

It is recommended to take tours of different day care facilities that interest you since nothing compares to face to face. The staff should appear competent and confident while showing you their centre, and listen to any questions you may have. See that there is a safe outdoor play area and that there are age appropriate toys and books.

Also, consider the class size. Some children do well with big groups of people whereas others may need a little time to warm up. There are different student to teacher ratios for different districts, so you’ll want to be sure they comply with district standards and health regulations. Maybe make a list of questions before you visit so you don’t forget anything while you’re there. Many centres will provide basic information on their website such as age range, cost, full day or half day service, and more. You can find more information for our Esquimalt day care centre below.

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