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Choosing a day care in Gordon Head for your child is a very important decision that requires careful consideration. If you work, you’ll want to find a day care where you feel confident that your child is learning. Day cares can be a great option if you don’t have family available to take care of your children. Many appreciate that day care facilities can prepare children for school, and can accommodate a full day, half day or less.

One of the first factors to consider is location, as it should be convenient and safe. If you live in the Gordon Head neighbourhood of Victoria BC, you may have children who attend Hillcrest Elementary School, which also has a Ready Set Grow Hillcrest Community Preschool.

After determining that the location is convenient and safe, you’ll want to look into the specifics of the program. Ask to take a tour of the facility. Most child care providers are happy to connect with interested parents and would assist you with this.

Look: Check if the environment seems safe and friendly. Are the other children happy and healthy? Does the staff seem engaged? How many children are there in a classroom? What is the classroom diversity, and how will that affect your child? Also, look to see what kinds of materials are available such as safe manipulative objects and toys, outdoor play space, books, child-friendly bathroom, etc. These are all things to look for.

Talk: Ask around to your friends who have pre-school aged children. What day care program do they have their children in? What has been their experience with the day cares in Gordon Head? Also, feel free to ask questions to the day care providers. They should seem confident and informed, happy to answer your questions. As you are teaching your child good communication skills at this age, you want to feel secure that the children’s care takers are also good communicators. Talk to the teachers about the curriculum and programming. It’s good to ask specific questions such as how much free play/outdoor time they have, what nap time looks like if there is one, or what they do for field trips and outings.

Contact us below if you are looking for a day care facility in the Gordon Head neighbourhood.

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