Whether you’re looking for a Victoria day care centre for your infant or toddler, there are a number of substantial questions that you need to ask potential providers before you make an informed decision. Needless to say, you have to be very meticulous when it comes to the centre and the people who you entrust your most cherished little one with.

Here are a few questions you need to seriously ask before you choose a day care provider:

  1. Ask basic questions about the centre such as the length of time it has been in the business, if it has a license to operate and of course other vital accreditation.
  2. Is the day care certified or experienced in administering medications? Also inquire about the practices or procedures the staff conduct in case of emergencies or when children get sick.
  3. What about the foods provided to children? Do the snacks and meals strictly adhere to the required daily health requirement for your little one?
  4. Parents can also ask about the centre’s activities for children. Keep in mind that an outstanding day care centre must come with an appropriately structured program that is specially designed with a variety of activities that will help kids develop their skills and talents. To avoid children from getting bored, the schedule for such activities must be altered regularly and allow for many opportunities for them to master new skills.
  5. It is critical to ask about safety, hygiene and health practices in the centre. Keep in mind that an exceptional centre is sanitary and tidy at all times. Not to mention, it is a must that it observes fundamental safety rules and regulations. Avoid a day care that comes with unkempt environment and poorly maintained equipment.
  6. What are the centre’s methods of punishments and rewards?
  7. Does the centre employ any helpers or assistants? Inquire more about their qualifications and how they are screened before hiring.
  8. Are children taken to other places or do they go on field trips? If so, ask more about the methods when it comes to informing parents about these outings.

We hope you will use these questions when choosing a day care provider. Be sure to read our blog post on 5 things to consider when choosing a day care centre.