Child care and sick children usually go hand in hand; however, the reality is that children can spread sickness to eachother very quickly. There are a number of ways that you can ensure that your day care centre is acting in order to inhibit the flu and cold virus and other forms of germs. This is undoubtedly a very serious concern for all parents and to reduce your worries, it is highly advised to discuss this with the staff or teachers.

You can start asking questions like the following:

“How often do the centre’s staff, caregivers and teachers wash their hands?”

It is significant to note that the ideal child care institution should absolutely require its employees to wash their hands as often as needed, particularly in between touching every child. You can check the centre’s sanitation facilities to be sure of this.

“Are the learning materials, tools and toys clean enough for kids to use them?”

At present, a great number of child care centres have a policy that learning toys are disinfected and cleaned at least once per day. It is crucial that when a toy is placed in a child’s mouth, this must be set aside until it is thoroughly sanitized or cleaned.

“The day care centre’s policies on children who are sick should be strictly upheld.”

Children who are ill should not be allowed to attend the day care, and should stay home for a few days as per doctor’s advice and prescription. Typically, kids who are suffering from cold, flu, fever, pink eye and other sorts of symptoms and illnesses are advised to stay home and rest to avoid passing the virus to others.

As parents, it is deemed necessary to figure out what the written policy of the child care facility is regarding the concerns you seriously care about. Not to mention, this is a very important consideration prior to choosing the best day care for your child. Make sure to communicate with the staff if you have any concerns.