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There are lots of good reasons why having your child in an Oak Bay day care can be great. One of the major reasons is that a good day care/pre-school will help prepare them for academic success. It can also develop their social skills, teaching them to be polite to teachers and peers which will also help them learn to respect you as their parent. When looking for a day care, think about what you want your children to learn. Ideally, they would learn social skills, academic skills, and life skills such as serving food and making their beds. Since Oak Bay has some lovely beaches and shorelines, it would be nice for your children to be able to take little field trips or walks which many day care facilities do provide.

When considering a day care facility, you may wish to arrange to take a tour. There are several benefits from this as you get to meet the staff and teachers, review their philosophies and policies, as well as see the safety and happiness of current students. Montessori schools are known for their high success level in preparing students for future academics, and students there learn to be self-motivated and confident in learning. Other types of day care centres are perfect for active kids who really need to have physical activity to keep them going. By being able to take a tour, you are sure to find the right kind of day care centre for your child.

For the physical facility, you’ll want to look for a safe outdoor play area and clean classrooms that are free of hazards. During a facility tour, you can ask about their curriculum and structure and see if it’s something you support and think would be good for your child. For example, if you’re looking for religious education you may have different preferences than someone looking for day care — be clear about what you want so when you tour, you’re able to communicate better.

You can read reviews online about the facility, or see what they say about themselves on their website. This may also be a good time to ask around and survey your friends to see what they do for childcare for their children. Some may prefer to have their children at home, but if that’s not a choice, you may choose to do a half day or just a few hours. Contact our our child care centre below if you are interested in seeing what kinds of options they provide. They’ll be happy to talk to you about your choices.

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