Your little one may experience minimal issues in getting accustomed to a new child care situation, all depending on your family situation. If it is his or her first time to be sent to such an institution, then perhaps it may be a bit of a difficult process for him or her; however, this can be properly managed if parents provide support to their child and go the extra mile to help their child make the transition a less worrisome process.

Here are some things that you can do to help your child smoothly deal with the transition:

  • It is highly advised to visit the centre with your toddler. Introduce him or her a few times to his or her caregivers and teachers. You can do a few trial runs and show your child some of the toys and other learning materials he or she can engage with. This will help him or her feel at ease and acquainted with what he or she needs to expect.
  • No matter what the age of your little one is, you can talk about school at home prior the transition. To do so, you can read books about kids who are starting day care or pre-school.
  • It is imperative to be very patient and begin the process as early as possible before you need to begin working or having other important commitments. Keep in mind that the process of transition can take a few months before a child feels comfortable and begins to act as his or her normal self in a child care setting.
  • Reconsider your situation if it becomes quite difficult to work out. You can discuss your concerns with your child’s caregiver or teacher if your child still seems unhappy after several weeks, or if you observe that your little one’s temperament is not a good match for the setting. You can get sound advice on what to do in this situation from the day care staff.

We hope you have learned how you can transition your child to a Victoria BC day care centre.